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04th November 2008

Februar / März 2015


Ein Update. Unser kleines Baby ist nun schon zwei Jahre alt und ein ziemlicher Wirbelwind. Sie redet den ganzen Tag, leider verstehen wir nur die Hälfte…


Wir haben den vorletzten Winter auf Mallorca unsere Elternzeit genossen und sind ein wenig “hängen geblieben”. Wir werden nun dieser Tage dort mehr Zeit verbringen, auf einer klitzekleinen Finca mitten drin, mit viel Grün und Luft und Land und hoffen, dass die kleine Maja ihre Freiheiten genießt.


Den Hennes haben wir mit genommen, er hat einen Alkoven bekommen, der ihm ausnehmend gut steht. Nun haben wir ein zweites festes Bett von 1,40m x 2,00m für Maja. Wir wollen das Reisen nicht aufgeben, aber jetzt werden wir erstmal noch ein wenig langsamer unterwegs sein. Unsere beiden Hunde sind ja auch nicht mehr die jüngsten, wir wollen ihnen diese Strapazen auch nicht mehr zumuten.

Wir melden uns aus Mallorca.



August 2013

Once again we have been on the road with our truck. This was the first time with our little baby girl Maja, who is now five months old. For the trip we installed a baby cot and a baby seat. Maja did very very well and also the truck showed its best. We are happy to have another member, willig to travel and are looking forward for more!

March 2013


Yes, an update:

after sorting things out, that made last time traveling a bit more diffcult we slowly get the fever again. We wish to travel again and want to get back onto the roads of the world, especially every time we work on our truck.

But we will have to wait a little while… we are a little family now and our daughter, who will be born within in the next couple of days will have to join us traveling…. if she likes it or not… 😉

We are not sure when we will start and if it will be possible to rebuild Hennes for the three of us, and the dogs of course, but as soon as there are new reliable plans, we will keep this page updated again.

So long, take care and enjoy life!


January 2012

Due to different reasons being too complicated and too personal to be discussed here, we have decided to give this trip a break in january 2012. It was a hard decision and not easy to take but somehow (because of the reasons mentioned above) we did not really get into the flow and decided not to force us. We will fly back home and leave our truck in Florida.

At home we want to do stuff to make it possible to get back on the road because this still is our plan! If there is anything new about this, we will become active again and fill this page with content. Nevertheless we have to say that what we have seen from North America was great. Both, Canadians and Americans were incredibly friendly and supportive people! Both times, we could not have changed the tires without them… ;-). But apart from tire changeing we have experienced loads of support and very interesting and funny encounters. So we are really looking forward to a revival!


September 2011

Things have changed again….

… or not. Because of the situation in the arabian world and the fact that people in eastern africa are grieving, we decided to get back to the very first idea.

We ship to canada. It is a bit late in the year so we might not make it to alaska (at least not without a lot of stress), but the indian summer is waiting for us…

After canada we will head south to the states and central america. We will see, what time will bring we are not really having a plan. But thats what makes traveling interesting…

We will try to update this map as regularly as possible…

Größere Kartenansicht


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